Who We Are ?

When was the last time you played with a toy made of plush or you gave it to a small kid as a gift?

Do you ever wear a collar , inside , arms fur coat to be saved from cold weather?

Do you ever had a pair of plush slippers or muflon in shoes to keep your feet hot?

Do you ever step over and feel the softness of that plush carpet on your floor which makes a warm atmosphere in your sweet home?

Do you ever wrapp your body with a plush blanket when you are about to sleep?

Do you have such a green military coat covered with muflon inside among your soldier stories?

Plush, faux fur, muflon…

We produce these fabrics that you wear, you touched, you carry, you met almost everyday.

Our story began in 1970’s as a retail and wholesale apparel company, continued by being a wholesaler on fabrics in the 80s, and our company Ogun Tekstıl became one of the leading manufacturer in the market. Production takes place in Osmaneli -the town of Bilecik province – 1,5 hours away from Istanbul. We keep producing here in our service area of 10. 000 square meters. Our experienced staff on our machinery park with an annual production capacity of 3.000.000 square meter are presenting our products to our outstanding customers without compromising any product quality.

We are combining the demands of our customers with the new trends of local and international fashion and providing the necessity of the markets. For a better world where animals are not killed for their furs. For a better world where real furs are not considered as a status symbol.

We keep producing with a belief that every meter of our plush will support the sustainability of the natural life on this world.