What We Are Manufacturing ?

Muflon, Plush, Faux Fur;

These are all the same evoking names of the fabrics that we produce.

Even Muflon is the widely known common name of the pre treated wools which are used as the inner side of the linen of clothes for warming up, it is the name of a kind of wild sheep with a big and curved horn (Ovis musimon) . The number of Muflons living in the eastern borders of Turkey, Iran and Armenia are getting less and less every day.

Throughout the history, pelt and the fur of the animal skins were the most well known and the oldest wearing material which is always valuable since it is limited in the nature. But it is an indispensable material because of its functionality and beauty.

Plush or Faux Fur is a discovery of textile fabric while it was tried to be simulated genuine animal fur…

At 1929, for the first time, Faux Fur is produced by using the original hair of a South American Mammal known as “Alpaca”.

From a fashion standpoint, they were only colored gray or tan, and could not compare to exquisite furs like mink or beaver. But the fabric was inexpensive and warm, so manufacturers continued to develop improved versions of the faux fur.

However, the true modern faux furs were not developed until the mid 1950s, with the introduction of acrylic polymers as replacements for alpaca hair, it was possible to achieve both heavy and colorful imitated furs.

Today, it is possible to imitate all kinds of animal furs in the nature with the help of synthetics, natural, or chemical materials which has a high quality with low costs.

If you ask a question like where all these fabrics are used, we find the answer in a world of unlimited borders with the imagination of human. Underwear, outerwear, hats, bags, shoes, toys, bed covers, seat covers, carpeting, air conditioning filters, paint brushes, horse saddle, decorative coatings and even sometimes, a new product we never thought but our customers asked for.

So where would you use it?